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Our sponsors

We'd like to say a huge thank you to our wonderful sponsors for supporting this amazing podcast.

FLEX by GymAware

FLEX is the latest product to enter the velocity based training market. Developed by the team at GymAware, FLEX is the only laser based system available, and its this unique technology that makes FLEX the most accurate and reliable barbell tracking product in the sub $500USD category. It's wireless, portable, and is specifically designed for individual use with its own social platform and automatic training log.

FLEX captures all the critical performance and technique metrics that people demand from a VBT device - velocity, power, bar path, range of motion and even bar position. Live feedback is delivered through the FLEX app on every lift all the data is automatically stored for review.

Find out why VBT is such a powerful training method and what separates FLEX from the competition at:

Hawkin Dynamics

Hawkin Dynamics is a the world leader in innovative force plate technology.

Hawkin Dynamics takes a user-centric approach, featuring a fully customizable cloud-based software that allows users to easily digest and analyze complex force plate data.

Their technology is constantly evolving, much like an app update for you iPhone, they communicate with users on a daily basis to make their system better.

In addition to all of that, they also offer the most competitive price for a bilateral force plate on the market, and they are the only force plate company offering a completely wireless system."

To learn more about force plates and Hawkin Dynamics, check out their blog which is full of educational and practical blog posts.