Episode 213

Breath-Holding Improves Physical Performance


April 29th, 2024

35 mins 52 secs

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About this Episode

In episode 213 Jason Rice creator of the Apnea Survival, breath control education system, joins us.

Specifically Jason will be looking at:

  • What breath holding is & why it's important
  • How breath holding can lead to positive physiological adaptations
  • Case Study: How athletes can use breath holding to improve sport performance

About Jason :

"Jason Rice is the creator of the Apnea Survival, breath control education system. He is a niche performance and stress management specialist, with over 30 years’ experience as a waterman, specialist first responder, having worked in a variety of high risk and demanding operational environments. His work experience, coupled with a lifetime of aquatic and athletic adventuring and coaching, enable him to provide high level education on how to manage discomfort, stress and fear and perform when the pressure is on.

Jason holds multiple accreditations from a variety of vocations including diving, personal coaching, strength and conditioning, and first response. He has provided coaching and training to internationally recognised and world champion athletes across a variety of sports including sailing, kite boarding, paddle sports, surfing, MMA, boxing and NRL. Jason is also experienced in developing and facilitating training to maritime and aviation rescue, first response and military sectors. His content is well researched, rigorously honed and tested and his experience and knowledge are reflected across all the Apnea Survival offerings. Which are now highly regarded amongst industry stakeholders as benchmark standards.

Jason’s passion is to broaden the reach and application of breath hold training, beyond the obvious realms of surfing and water sports, to have it became a more accepted activity across all sporting and recreational modalities and general populations. Moving forward Jason and Apnea Survival’s focus is on continued delivery of Apnea Survivals Instructor level trainings and providing training and mentoring to private clients."

Instagram: @apneasurvival

Website: https://apneasurvival.com.au/

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