Episode 56

Are Squats Destroying Your Knees?


April 26th, 2021

26 mins 4 secs

Your Host

About this Episode

In episode 56 Steve Draycott, Physiotherapist, joins us.

Specifically Steve will be looking at:

  • Importance of lower body strength
  • Risks associated with squats
  • Supporting evidence
  • Case study

About Steve

"I qualified as a physiotherapist in 1986 and very quickly became interested in musculoskeletal physio. I started to specialise in lower limb rehab about 30 years ago and have worked as a clinical specialist in knees for the last 22 years. I helped develop a multi disciplinary clinic together with a Consultant Rheumatologist. I also helped set up a physio led Knee injury Clinic within the Hospital that I work 15 years ago. This was essentially to help manage patients who presented at the ED dept.. I gained a MSc in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in 2009. I semi retired 2.5 years ago but still do some work within the NHS and some private work. I remain passionate about my profession and about delivering high quality care to patients. I believe that continued education and sharing knowledge and experience is an important part of delivering high quality care to patients and clients.
I have also developed together with some of my physio colleagues a 1 day post graduate course focusing on the assessment and management of patients with MSK problems our website is www.mskmadeeasy.com"


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