Episode 7

Gym to field - Maximise transfer using coordination training


May 18th, 2020

29 mins 39 secs

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About this Episode

In an extended episode seven, Frans Bosch, international sports performance consultant, lecturer and author, joins us.

Specifically Frans will be looking at:

  • What are key attractors
  • How you can train attractors
  • The role of traditional S&C in coordination training
  • Research into coordination training
  • Using an athlete's intuition instead of sets and reps

About Frans:

"Since 1980 Frans worked in athletics, coaching elite sprinters and Olympic high jumpers and for some years as the national coach for jumping events. Since 2005 Frans has been a lecturer at the Fontys University for applied sciences in sports, mainly in the field of anatomy, biomechanics, strength training and motor learning.

Frans has given numerous presentations all over the world on training related topics. Presentations address the complexity of the training process and the need to integrate new fields of science like dynamic systems and new ideas on motor control in existing training theory.

Frans frequently works internationally as a consultant in sport. Clients in recent years are the English Institute of Sports, Wales National Team Rugby, the British & Irish Lions, Japan National Team Rugby, England cricket, West ham United football, Cleveland Brown American Football and others. Together with Ronald Klomp he wrote ‘Running, biomechanics and exercise physiology applied in practice”, published in the Netherlands in 2001 and translated in English in 2005.

‘Strength training and coordination, an integrated approach’ was published in the Netherlands in 2012 and in English in 2016."


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