Episode 103

Career Choices: How Athletes And Coaches Make Career Transitions Using Their Key Values


March 21st, 2022

37 mins 43 secs

Your Host

About this Episode

In episode 103, Josh Fletcher (Career Blueprint) and John Noonan (Noonan Performance), join us.

Specifically you will learn:

  • How to prepare for career transitions
  • How organisations can help employees
  • How to improve your health, wealth and wellness

About Josh

"Josh has dedicated his business Career Blueprint to performance practitioner well-being. ‘We look after it athletes well-being but ours is an afterthought. It’s about time we started looking after our own happiness, health and wealth dont you think?’"

Facebook community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/practitionerwellbeing
IG: @careerblueprint
Twitter: @coachblueprint1
Website: www.yourcareer-blueprint.com

About John

"John is an experienced performance coach with over 15 years’ experience coaching in elite sport and the public domain. To date, John has worked with numerous professional youth, senior and international athletes from over 13 different sports, including work in professional soccer, Rugby Union/League, Olympic snowsports, Golf and Formula racing. In 2019, John founded NoonanPerformance.com and now operates as a performance consultant to various athletes, teams and corporate clients, providing a hybrid of physical preparation, physical therapy and coach mentorship services.

Academically, John has an undergraduate degree in sport science and a postgraduate degree in applied biomechanics from Liverpool John Moores University, researching performance requirements of Olympic freestyle snowsport athletes. Specifically, John’s research examined the kinetic and kinematic demands of snowboard jump landings, the findings which John has presented internationally and nationally at the Australian and UK Strength and Conditioning (ASCA and UKSCA) Conferences. John currently holds professional certifications with the UKSCA, Postural Restoration Institute (PRI).

John’s professional interests continue to revolve around improving movement and athletic performance, as well as helping coaches succeed in both coaching and business based projects through the NoonanPerformance Coach Mentorship Programme."

Website: www.noonanperformance.com
Instagram/Twitter: JohnnoonanCoach


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