Episode 114

How You Can Stop Heat Destroying Your Physical Performance


June 6th, 2022

24 mins 51 secs

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About this Episode

In episode 114, Sam Ballak, Applied Sport Scientist at Sport Centrum Papendal, joins us.

Specifically you will learn:

  • How heat impares performance
  • The role of humidity in performance
  • How to combat heat related performed impairment

About Sam

"Dr. Sam Ballak is an applied sport scientist focussing on physiological topics like training in the heat and cooling applications in the heat, but he is also interested in topics like recovery and conditioning. In his current job he supports various TeamNL programs training at Papendal, the Dutch Olympic training centre.
Because of his PhD in muscle physiology and his coaching background (athletics) is able to use scientific knowledge and translate that to practical advices, suitable for use in elite athletes.
During his 8 years at Papendal Sam has mostly been involved with athletics, BMX cycling, track cycling, judo, snowboard and skeleton.
In preparation for Tokyo 2020 Sam advised numerous TeamNL coaches and athletes for optimal preparation in the hot and humid conditions."

Key PDFs:

  • Racinais 2018 Core temperature up to 41.5C during the UCI road cycling world championships in the heat
  • Periard 2015 Adaptations and mechanisms of human heat acclimation applications for competitive athletes and sports
  • Bongers 2017 Cooling interventions for athletes: an overview of effectiveness, physiological mechanisms, and practical considerations
  • Beat the Heat - IAAF World Athletics Championships-1
  • Periard 2021 Exercise under heat stress thermoregulation hydration performance implications and mitigation strategies

Instagram: @sam.ballak
Twitter: SamBal86


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