Episode 117

VBT: Overcome The Obstacles To Rocket Gym Performance


June 27th, 2022

30 mins 54 secs

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About this Episode

In episode 117, Steve Thompson, Course Leader for the Masters in S&C at Sheffield Hallam University, joins us.

Specifically Steve will be looking at:

  • Obstacled to VBT use
  • Best practice in VBT
  • How anyone can use VBT to optimise training for under $10

About Steve

"Steve Thompson is an accredited Strength & Conditioning coach with the United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSCA) and a Senior Lecturer and the Course Leader for the MSc in Strength and Conditioning Coaching at Sheffield Hallam University. He has recently submitted his PhD in VBT, but more specifically, the use of load-velocity profiling to aid load prescription. Steve is an active early-career researcher, with publications in high-impact journals such as Sports Medicine, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research and International Journal of Sport Physiology and Performance. He currently holds multiple S&C consultancy roles, including City of Sheffield and GB Diving and Barnsley Football Club. Steve has a wealth of experience in elite sport, specifically with GB Commonwealth medallists and Olympic competitors in Diving, Women's Volleyball and Table Tennis, as well as with professional athletes in Rugby League, Tennis, Fencing and Golf. "

Twitter: Steve381
Instagram: stevethompson99t



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