Episode 135

Could Poor Breathing Be Destroying Your Performance?


October 31st, 2022

32 mins 20 secs

Your Host

About this Episode

In episode 135, Rachel Vickery, Human Behaviour and High-Performance Consultant, joins us.

Specifically Rachel will be looking at:

  • What good and bad breathing looks like
  • How to breathe well
  • How to breathing transfers to sport performance

About Rachel

"Rachel Vickery is a Human Behaviour and High-Performance Consultant, qualified High Performance Sport Physiotherapist and former International Gymnast, competing on the National team for 6 years. She consults with Professional and Elite athletes, coaches and organisations; and other high-performance arenas including elite military teams, corporates, trauma and emergency medicine personnel to optimise performance in high pressure and high stakes environments. Rachel has worked with breathing from a performance perspective for over 20 years, being a pioneer in the field. She has a unique perspective on how breathing impacts not only arousal state, but physical performance, biomechanics and physiology in the world of elite performance.

Rachel has worked with individuals and teams in the NBA (Golden State Warriors USA), the NRL (Melbourne Storm and Sydney Roosters) and the AFL (Brisbane Lions and Adelaide Crows) and numerous National, Olympic and World Champion level athletes, coaches and organisations from NZ, Australia and the USA, and is a performance ambassador for the global Leaders in Sport organisation.

In her spare time Rachel has co-founded two digital health start-ups, and been a Director of a State sport organisation "

People can get in touch via [email protected]
My website www.breathingandperformance.com or www.rachelvickery.com
Or connect with me on linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachelvickery/
Instagram @rachel.vickery


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