Episode 14

Craft Perfect Conditioning Training Using Targeted HIIT


July 6th, 2020

22 mins 27 secs

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About this Episode

In episode fourteen Paul Laursen, Coach, Lecturer and CEO of HIIT Science, joins us.

Specifically Paul will be looking at:

  • Physiological adaptation to long intervals
  • Implementation of long intervals
  • Physiological adaptation to short intervals
  • Implementation of short intervals

About Paul:

"I am an author, endurance coach, high-performance consultant and entrepreneur. I was formerly employed as the Physiology Manager for High Performance Sport New Zealand, and have retained my former joint role as Adjunct Professor of Exercise Physiology at Auckland University of Technology. The purpose of my role was to reside at the nexus between theory, research and application of sport science and physiology for high-performance sport. I have a broad area of research interests that include high-intensity interval training, heart rate variability, thermoregulation, health and artificial intelligence application to training. I have published over 125 refereed manuscripts in moderate-to-high impact exercise and sports science journals, with this work having been cited more than 8000 times. I have competed in 17 Ironman triathlon races and continue to train and prepare for future events."

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