Episode 148

How Speciality Bars Help Create World-Record Strength Levels


January 30th, 2023

57 mins 24 secs

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About this Episode

In episode 148, Chris Duffin, , joins us.

Specifically Chris will be looking at:

  • What speciality bars are
  • How they improve strength and performance
  • Chris' favourite bars

*About Chris

"Using his engineering degree and MBA, he spent nearly 20 years becoming a sought-after turnaround expert in the aerospace, automotive, and industrial equipment manufacturing sectors. But most people know him for his work after moving on from that career, founding his own Education and Manufacturing companies focused on biomechanics, human movement, and personal development. As an award-winning expert in these fields, he holds patents and has been recognized for scientific innovation, and is a desired keynote speaker.

In the sports performance world, Chris’s work is everywhere. His game-changing products are used in nearly every professional sports team in North America, all the big-name colleges and a thousand others, all military branches (white house included), and so many more. His concepts have changed the landscape of strength training in improving performance and the systemized approaches to assessing and correcting human movement dysfunctions.

With extremes again, Chris is not just a recognized thought leader but has held numerous all-time world records and become one of the strongest pound-for-pound powerlifters in the world. He holds the Guinness World Record for the heaviest sumo deadlift of all time, with 1001 pounds for almost three repetitions. He also completed the same feat with a 1001lbs squat making him the only human in history to have Squatted and Deadlifted 1000+lbs for reps. He used these feats of strength to raise money and awareness for charities related to his upbringing."

Social media: @mad_scientist_duffin






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