Episode 4

Athletic Shoulders & Organisation vs. Private Sector | Eric Cressey


April 27th, 2020

20 mins 50 secs

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About this Episode

In episode four Eric Cressey, President at Cressey Sports Performance and Director of Health and Performance at the New York Yankees, joins us.

Specifically Eric will be looking at:

• What a day looks like as Director of Health and Performance at the New York Yankees
• Shoulder injuries from assesment to programming
• How owning your own facilities compares to working for an organisation

About Eric:

“I joke, I was a fantastically mediocre athlete, and like many fantastically mediocre athletes, that leads me to seek out better ideas on how to improve, and that led to me coaching. I co-founded CSP, we had a facility just west of Boston Massachusetts that opened in 2007, and in 2014 we opened our second location in Palm Springs Beach Gardens in Florida. I do a lot of writing, speaking and consulting, I have my own podcast as well. I also recently signed on as Director of Player Health and Performance at the new York Yankees. So I wear a few different hats in both the public and private sector. I’m also a father and husband, I’ve got three daughters as well.”

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