Episode 95

State Of The Art Science: Mouth Guards That Quantify Collisions And Optimise Collision Training


January 24th, 2022

22 mins 59 secs

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About this Episode

In episode 95 Chris Turner (CEO of Sports Wellbeing) and Eoin Power (Head of Medical Services at Gloucester Rugby), join us.

Specifically you will learn:

  • The important of measuring impacts in Rugby
  • Why mouthguards are the perfect tool to measure impacts
  • How to use data to reduce injury risk and optimise collision training load

About Chris and Eoin

Chris Turner – CEO of Sports Wellbeing & Analytics (SWA)

Co-Founder and CEO of SWA since 2017 – previously Global CTO with Unilever 10 years, Executive Vice President SAP for 5 years. Role is to oversee and manage all aspects of SWA’s business and operations. The business is fundamentally a real time data business with a data collection tool currently in the form of a highly validated electronic mouthguard. You can think of us as a GPS for contact. The data which is reported live allows us to provide real insight to clubs and athletes as to what is going on. This understanding and combination of data is our strength as a business and as we work with different sports, the uses for and the value of the data just keeps growing. Clearly in rugby, we want to see all clubs follow the lead and belief that Gloucester has shown and adopt the system for the benefit of themselves and their players. But we also want to see this across all contact sports over time.

Eoin Power – Head of Medical Services – Gloucester Rugby

Fourth season as Head of medical services at Gloucester Rugby. Previously at Bristol Bears as senior physio. Originally from Dublin where I studied my primary degree in Physiology before moving to the UK to pursue Physiotherapy, first at the University of Southampton and then the University of bath. I am responsible for managing the provision of medical services to the Gloucester rugby squad and facilitate a team of 8 therapists and Doctors.

Instagram: @swaprotechtpro
Twitter: @ProtechtPro @EoinPowerPhysio

Protecht Website: https://swa.one/


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