Episode 16

Save Precious Time Using Systems Based Individualisation


July 20th, 2020

24 mins 30 secs

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About this Episode

In episode sixteen Lachlan Wilmot, Co-Director of Athletes Authority, joins us.

Specifically Lachlan will be looking at:

  • How much individualisation is important
  • What are limiting factors for individualisation
  • Individualisation in team vs private settings

About Lachlan:

"I am currently director of a facility here in Sydney Australia called Athletes Authority which is a private facility for athletes only, whether that’s development, amateur or pro athletes. My background was initially as a personal trainer back in the day, so came out of the Fitness First ranks. Worked for the GWS Giants for 8 years as the Strength & Power coach, and then moved over to the dark side to the NRL with the Paramatta Eels where I was head of performance there for a couple of years, before I moved into the private sector, with the current facility expanding at a rate we didn’t plan on, but it’s been very good. So I jumped on board with our co-owner Carl, and here we are!"




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