Episode 67

Weight Cutting: Risks, Diet Secrets And How To Do It Safely


July 12th, 2021

31 mins 3 secs

Your Host

About this Episode

In episode 67 James Morehen, Performance Nutritionist, joins us.

Specifically James will be looking at:

  • Goals of weight cutting
  • Issues with weight cutting
  • Nutrition 2 weeks out
  • Nutrition for the weigh-in

About James

"Dr James Morehen is a Performance Nutritionist who currently works with professional elite level athletes. Alongside this, James is passionate about supporting individual athletes and clients with their own nutrition, exercise and performance goals.

James has spent 9 years in higher education obtaining a BSc in Sport Science, MSc in Sports Physiology and PhD in Sports Nutrition all from the very well respected Research Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences from Liverpool John Moores University.

James, has enjoyed over 6 years working in elite level sport with amateur to international and Olympic level athletes and corporate clients.

James is registered with the Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register and is highly trained and experienced in body composition assessment and manipulation, individual nutrition and performance plans and health and wellness having completed this for 4 years during his PhD studies."

Instagram: @morehenperformance @james_morehen
Twitter: @james_morehen
Website: https://morehenperformance.com/



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