Episode 77

Anaerobic Speed Reserve: Your Secret Weapon To Optimise Conditioning


September 20th, 2021

27 mins 8 secs

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About this Episode

In episode 77, Martin Buchheit, S&C Coach, Sport Scientist & Researcher , joins us.

Specifically Martin will be looking at:

  • Importance of the anaerobic speed reserve (ASR)
  • Measuring the ASR
  • Application of ASR data
  • Case study

About Martin

"I am a very passionate strength and conditioning coach that progressively developed into an applied sport performance scientist, with a main emphasis on football (soccer). My work (>200 publications) has focused on intervention strategies and profiling assessments that may improve players’ physical and technical potential, using a scientific approach whenever possible. Using my background in strength & Conditionning (2 Msc), statistics (1 Msc) and a PhD in exercise physiology, I have developed different training 'tools' such as the 30-15 Intermittent Fitness to program high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and the 5'-5' (now 4'-3') running test to monitor training status using accelerometers, GPS and heart rate (variability). I also have extensive experience with fitness and strength training, injury prevention, recovery, nutrition, match analysis and youth development. I have been ranked as the 4 (2019) to 6th (2021) scientific expert in Soccer in the world.

Currently, I consult and speak for various organizations, and hold the position of Head of Performance at Lille OSC, together with the role of Head of Performance Research at Kitman Labs, in charge of the Performance Intelligence Research Initiative with Derk McHugues."

Twitter: @mart1buch
Instagram: @mart1buch

Martins Website: https://martin-buchheit.net/
Martin's New Book, EGOals: https://egoalsbook.com/


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